KD Pet Spa
At Montigo Resorts, Somerset

Unwind with your furry friend at Somerset’s first pet spa, offering luxurious grooming, pampering pawdicures, and dog-friendly hydrotherapy, all alongside a relaxing stay at Montigo Resorts.

Unwind with your pup at Somerset’s 1st Pet Spa! Luxury treatments, hydrotherapy & Montigo stay await.

Montigo Standard Therapies

Indulge your furry friend in a world of pampering with our curated selection of luxurious spa treatments, from tailored trims and blueberry facials to Ayurvedic deshedding and Emmi-Pet teeth cleaning. For an extra £30 you can join your dog and immerse yourself in the Montigo Resorts spa facilities

By Kelly Davis

Characterised as Britain’s ‘Best Groomer’ by the BBC, Kelly is a multi-award-winning pet specialist and qualified dermatologist. Here at KD Pet Spa, she pushes the boundaries of traditional pet care, offering a curated selection of luxurious treatments designed to elevate your pet’s well-being.

Grooming Therapies

Puppy Pamper

From £30

Take your puppy’s wellbeing to a new level of luxury with our indulgent puppy pamper options. After a gentle bath, your furry friend can enjoy a luxurious ear cleaning, a luxe paw treatment, and a facial grooming

Deep conditioning treatment

From £20

Elevate your pooch’s grooming routine with our intense and nourishing deep conditioning treatment, designed to lock in moisture, improve colour saturation, and stop unhealthy protein loss in its tracks.

Gentle handstrip

From £65

With handstripping, our skilled groomer treats your terrier or gun dog to a well-earned programme of tender loving care. Your pampered pooch will leave with vibrant color and a more natural coat texture.

Full groom

From £40

Experience the epitome of luxury grooming with our nose-to-tail package. After two indulgent shampoo washes and a flawless blow dry, your pet will be trimmed to a customised style to meet your preferences.

Spa Therapies

Blueberry facial

From £25

Banish tear staining on lighter coats while indulging your furry friend with deep hydration, gentle cleansing, and nourishment. Our vegan, all-natural blueberry facial is all about attention-to-detail.

Pamper pawdicure

From £25

Alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by gravel, hot pavements, and irritant substances with a therapeutic paw soak, a meticulous nail trim and file, and a precise between pads and paw trim.

Deshedding Ayurveda treatment

From £20

Unleash the transformative power of Ayurveda with an organic dermatological scrub. We’ll harness the power of nature to banish dead skin cells and restore moisture to dry and rough skin.

Emmi-pet teeth cleaning

From £40

Elevate your dog’s dental care routine with this revolutionary oral hygiene system, designed to sensitively combat Gingivitis, Periodontitis, bad breath, oral cavity diseases, and tartar build-up

How To Book Your Spa Day

Download from the app store or Google Play to create a free account, search ‘KD Pet Spa’, tell us about your pets breed, age and any special needs, then browse available appointment slots and pick the date and time that works best for you.

Spend a Night at Montigo Resorts Dog-Friendly Hotel

Extend the pampering with a luxurious overnight stay at Montigo Resorts dog-friendly haven. Offering flexible room options for all families, ensuring a relaxing escape for you and your furry friend. Contact reception to discuss connecting rooms, pet-friendly suites, and create an unforgettable experience.